Insurance Back Guarantee

The Insurance Back Guarantee Co. (IBG Co.) exists to instill  confidence in customers who carry out any home improvements. It offers protection to the products installed with a guarantee  in the instance the provider should cease to trade.  Should a  claim be made when the installer is no longer in a position to honour the guarantee, a claim can still be made under IBG. Guarantee periods can be up 10years which is why protecting your installations with this guarantee  safegaurds your right to claim despite the status of your fitter.

KK are pleased to confirm that we are an IBG Co. Registered  Installer and all work carried out by us come with a certificate detailing the  IBG cover, as standard. You can also upgrade to benefit from the IBG Deposit protection scheme, which is an insurance on your deposit, in the event of cessation before your installations happen or is completed.


KK are a member of FENSA- A government authorised scheme for the replacements of windows and doors.  The scheme assesses the ability of contractors to carry out installations  and having successfully met the the regulatory standards, KK have been FENSA accredited since 1997.